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According to Article 10 law 34/2002, on the 11th of July the Legal Notice Concerning the Law Of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, facilitates the website owner´s information:

Holder: Gusto Global S.L

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Adress: Pasaje arcipreste Talavera, 14

Post Code: 29004 (Málaga)



THE HOLDER may modify, without prior notice, the information contained in its website, as well as its configuration and presentation. THE HOLDER does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors while accesing the website, its content, or its that its content is up to date, but will try its best to avoid, correct and update its content.

THE HOLDER is not responsible for direct or indirect damages and losses, including damage to the clients computer system or introduction of existing viruses in the network, derived from internet browsing necessary for the use of this website.

THE HOLDER will try to avoid FALSE ADVERTISING. It will not be considered as false advertising: formal erros or numeric that could be found through the sections of ,caused as a result of maintance or incomplete update or defective information in these sections. THE HOLDER as stated before will correct such flaws as soon as informed.

THE HOLDER is not hold liable for the breach of any of the norms that the user may incur in accesing the website or the use of the information contained.

THE HOLDER is not responsible for the direct and indirect damages that occured or could occur, whatever its nature, derived from the information used from the websites content and incorporated programs. The links and hyperlinks provided through the user access services provided by third party, that does not belong or under the control of THE HOLDER. For this reason, it is not responsible for the information containted there or for any effect that may arise fom such information.

Unquestionably, the user is solely responsible for the use made of the services, contents, links and hyperlinks included in THE HOLDERS website.


The website contains a section called "Blog" where the sites tecnical staff, colleagues and other users can publish and comment on articles in general, scientific or informative interest and give their personal opinion.

Therefore, inside this section "Blog" allows users to comment, THE HOLDER is not responsible for the opinions published and reserves the right to delete offensive or degrading comments and to block and prevent such authors to post in the future.


All the content published on the website, otherwise indicated is the exclusive property of THE HOLDER, including the design, graphics, source code, logos, texts, illustrations, photos and other elements on the website.

THE HOLDER does not grant any type of license or authorization for personal use to the user on there intellectual and industrial property righs or on any other right related to its website and the services offered.

Therefore, the user acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation and in general, any other form of explotation, by any procedure, of all or part of the contents of this website constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and/or industrial of THE HOLDER.

The user, rarely and exclusively, could use the content that appears on the website for personal and private use, being stricly prohibited the use for commercial purposes or incurring in any illegal activity.

By virtue of the provisions of article 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Law on Intellectual Property, its stricly prohibited the reproduction, distributions and publuc communication, including its mode of making the information available, of all or part of the contents of this website, for commercial purposes, on any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of THE HOLDER.

THE HOLDER will ensure compliance with all of the conditions as well as the proper use of the contents presented on its website exercising its civil and criminal rights to take action that correspond in the case of infrigement or breach of these rights by the user.